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The Future Isn’t What You Thought. It’s What I Am!

Very high ragweed levels, plus a restless little man who took over my bed around 1am, combined with me not being able to put down the book I’d started earlier in the day (until I’d finished it) adds up to one sorry looking, hungover feeling mama…in dire need of distraction. Thankfully our local library is there to deliver. Nearly every item I’ve requested over the last couple of weeks is now ready for pickup. Even the one I requested upon Barrett’s recommendation, a 70’s gem called Time After Time. Other random selections include Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude, and the film version of Wonder Boys, seeing as I just finished the book. Distractions abound. In other news…

  • Yesterday the little man lost his good beach hat while we were out and about. After I gave up looking for it we returned home and rediscovered his long-lost pumpkin hat.
  • The neighbors to our east have a penchant for blaring bad music and/or talk radio in their driveway, while they tend to their half dozen or so vehicles that don’t really run, such that the sound reverberates through our house, distorted and tinny, like robots are surrounding us demanding our surrender. I want to complain to them about it, but never do.
  • We’ve been granted a few days of actual, summer-like weather to take advantage of before school begins next week. Yesterday afternoon was all water balloons and wading pools.
  • It’s fantastic that the little man dresses himself…but today his clothes are on backwards again, a la Kris Kross.

What else? Ah, still working on migrating the site to CMS. Got a little sidetracked and am finding it hard to get back on the path. Soon. Very soon.

playmobil man wedged inside duplo