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This Is Me Breathing

Friday morning I was scanning the news. There was a headline that looked familiar, but it was a story I hadn’t bothered to follow…not knowing then how it related to me. For whatever reason I decided to read it, an act that unexpectedly brought to light new information regarding my friend’s death in July.

Zell faces charges in connection with a fatal crash on July 20. Authorities allege that before she sped through a stop sign and smashed into a pickup truck, she told her two passengers, “this is how you drive crazy.” One of her passengers, Joshua Schmidt, 30, of Stillwater, died. A second rider was paralyzed.

After the initial shock wore off I shared the information with my friend Monica. We have similar feelings on the subject.

Not only was she drunk, but she was intentionally driving recklessly. I am not a huge fan of incarceration, but I hope that woman is punished.

In other, hard to place news…as we drove over the High Bridge yesterday afternoon we passed by a lone man, stationary and staring ahead, holding an American flag. On our way home we wondered if he’d still be carrying out his solitary vigil but, alas, he had gone.

And in happier news, a very polite designer gentleman emailed me…requesting permission to use one of my photos (not one of my best, but it served his purposes) in a project. It was a refreshing change, considering the problem I’ve had with bandwidth theft…folks finding my photos via google or yahoo image searches, then linking directly to them on their own pages.

triangle rings
my monkey on the monkey bars
aintenan fund