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It’s Not The Fall That Kills You, It’s The Landing

On this Monday I am…
…worried about Barrett and his mom, but don’t know what to say.
…disgusted that, in Baghdad, carrying nothing more dangerous than a microphone is enough to get working journalists killed, by Americans, yet here, in the U.S., Americans can legally begin buying assault weapons.
Today cynicism prevails.
In trivial non-news…I finally broke down and choked down some allergy/sinus meds, which seem to have cleared my nasal passages for the first time in an age. But dang, I don’t like what I’m smelling. Time to hit the shower, before the little man comes home from school demanding his lunch.
And in tasty, pre-lunch news, the husband just returned from the eye doctor (again) and gave me a little lesson about tears, and how they are composed of three layers:

The mucous layer coats the cornea, priming the eye like a base coat for tears to adhere. The middle layer is 98 percent water, along with some salt and proteins, and provides moisture and oxygen to the cornea. The outer layer is an oily film that seals the tear film on the eye and slows evaporation.

Umm, yum?