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I Kinda Want To Slay The Dragon

Apparently I don’t have such a knack for the scheduling. I thought this evening would be perfect for the little man’s birthday party. A lot of other folks have thought it would be perfect too…for their own events. Events that I would otherwise like to attend. So I’m missing out on a local Neil Gaiman book reading/signing at Dreamhaven. My mother-in-law is up north, spending the weekend with one of her hard-to-pin-down, severely overscheduled sisters. It’s a free family day at the historic Sibley House (won’t have time to nip over there as we’ll be preparing for the party…something I should be doing right this very moment). And there will be a celebration this evening marking the 10 Year Anniversary of the Women’s Prison Book Project, at the Loft Literary Center. On the plus side…the little man’s godless parents, Dave and Huey-Ling, have recently returned from their 7+ week vacation. His fairy godless mother is also in the country (around this time last year she was lounging in Italy). And the boy’s bio-dad has flown back, from his new digs in the Bay Area, for the party. So I really should be getting my ass in gear. But I’m having a hard time with that. Lately I’ve felt simultaneously over and underwhelmed. What’s making it so much worse, I foolishly gave up coffee this week. Again. And am finding it difficult to function (which is one reason I haven’t posted yet, along with my compatriots, over at New Patriot, or migrated this site to the aforementioned CMS). All right. Enough with the whining. Time to make with the motivation.

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