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Stay Away From Hurricanes For A While

It was a fun, if bumpy, ride, and one I am relieved to be over with…until next year. Saturday was spent whipping things into shape for the big birthday party. Just when I felt I had a handle on it all the doorbell rang…three hours before go time. It was one of the older neighbor girls, calling something to my attention. She’d seen some jackassed neighborhood kid intentionally untying and releasing the bunch of balloons that I had just tied to the railing on the front steps. The $20 worth of balloons flew away before anyone had a chance to see them. And though I received not one but two eyewitness reports, neither could ID the perp. I felt like I’d been suckerpunched, but thankfully our fantastic neighbors saved the day. The folks who live behind us still had a half-full helium tank from their daughter’s recent party. They set to work before our other guests arrived. The results were beautiful, and beyond anything I would have dreamed up. The party itself was barely-organized chaos but everything more or less worked out. We had a full house, full bellies, and a crazy number of choice birthday gifts for the little man. There was no way I could have gotten him out and about today, even if I’d wanted to, what with all the shiny new toys to play with right in the comfort of his own home. His only problem was choosing which ones to play with first.
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the battable