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Rock And Roll Confidential

The other night I was too tired to be productive, but sleep was still eluding me. Kiddie corner from one another on our computers, the husband scoffed after he witnessed me wasting an hour or so…perusing this gallery of bad band photos, and he cringed each time I guffawed while doing so (the captions are often insensitive, but some are oh so funny). So many shots brought to mind my step-brother’s hair band from the 80s, The Regime, whose claim to fame was opening for Warrant once. I hung on to one of their choice publicity photos and have scanned it for your viewing pleasure (my step-bro is the vaguely Gallegher-ish looking dude on the far left - click for a larger version). But my question is this…would I burn in a special hell for submitting said photo to the Hall of Douchebags? Hmmm.

The Regime