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Monthly Archives: March 2009

It Might Just Be Fervent Friendship

My love life is a complicated mess, as ever, but it was still a weekend well spent…with a man I care about very much. Whose birthday is tomorrow. A fact he doesn’t much care about, but thankfully his band happened to get on a bill for tomorrow night. There will be celebrations aplenty at his [...]

The Roaring of My Mind

My brain has been a busy place. But sometimes what happens in Sharyn’s head should stay in Sharyn’s head. I need to remind myself of that more often. The good news? Me and my brain made it through a spectacularly stressful week. And there were a handful of highlights. Seeing the Watchmen movie (with so [...]

A Brittle Durability

Today went sideways fast. I’ve shed tears of sadness and tears of frustration. The first round came when I discovered some good friends lost their home to a fire yesterday. In the fire many things were destroyed or damaged but what they really lost was their cat Henry. By some stroke of luck their [...]

I Want to Walk Around With You

It was an interesting Sunday. A field trip to the Franconia Sculpture Park with my friends’ band. Traipsing through muddy, icy fields yielded some good shots of them. I’m pretty pleased with the results. But before hitting the road I finally popped by Kopplin’s Coffee. I’d been hearing about their exceptionally amazing coffee but it’s [...]

With My Head In Outer Space

While my son watched Saturday morning cartoons I got caught up on my space opera. Somehow I’d gotten three episodes behind in my Battlestar Galactica viewing. But no more. Though I will back up a friend who said “bring on the other cylons and the pew pew pew space shooty explody.” Curious to see what [...]

Twitching Myself Sideways

High Fives for the day after (out late last night, with too little sleep).

What do you get when you cross Jesse James, Robin Hood, and Jack Bauer in the body of a giant, bearded, bald Greek man? Meet Vassilis Paleokostas.
Other badasses? Johnny Depp as John Dillinger and Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis in the [...]

All Teeth and Turpitude

My love of A. Lee Martinez continues with eager anticipation of his next book. As soon as my state tax refund arrived I pre-ordered Monster. How could I resist with a cover like that - a devilish skull and crossbones surrounded by the words “cryptobiological contaminant and rescue services” - it got me hook, line [...]

The Resultant Fizz and Seethe

Recently my friend Adam and I were egging each other on in the redesign of our photography portfolios. Good for us! Except he beat me to the punch by finding a clean, simple WordPress portfolio before I did. What I found is more of a photoblogging theme than a portfolio one. And it works for [...]

My Mind’s Mercurial Decisions

I need to daydream, to look ahead, because the right now kinda sucks. The little man does seem to be recovering from his sickness. Though he’s only eaten one piece of toast in the last 30+ hours (which he kept down). I’ve been feeling a bit off myself. This morning my lethargic boy was laying [...]

How I Learned That Everyone Is Against Me

I’m on the tail end (I hope) of one of the most awful weekends I’ve had in some time. And that’s saying something. Friday evening plans fell through. Saturday I hauled the boy out to the burbs to celebrate a classmate’s birthday. Thought I’d pop by Mitrebox on the way to pick up a [...]