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The Resultant Fizz and Seethe

Recently my friend Adam and I were egging each other on in the redesign of our photography portfolios. Good for us! Except he beat me to the punch by finding a clean, simple WordPress portfolio before I did. What I found is more of a photoblogging theme than a portfolio one. And it works for me. Yes, this means I have another blog baby to manage. But I promise not to neglect this one. I will love my blogs equally. So I give you, still in its infancy. I am open to feedback but please, go easy on the little darling.

Adam and the other Dan

Bonus: Back when I had more money - thanks to home equity loans rather than actual earned income - I splurged on season tickets at the Children’s Theatre. The little man has always loved live theater. But our last pair of tickets will be for the production of Iqbal. A light-hearted romp about…child labor. Sure, it’s garnering great reviews, but I worry that it might go over the boy’s head. Guess we’ll see.
Plus: This year’s Red Hot Art Festival is coming! And I’m thinking of filling out an artist’s application. Hmmm.
And: My friend Chuck took a stunning photo yesterday, of a beautiful Eastern Screech Owl hanging out just outside of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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