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It Might Just Be Fervent Friendship

My love life is a complicated mess, as ever, but it was still a weekend well spent…with a man I care about very much. Whose birthday is tomorrow. A fact he doesn’t much care about, but thankfully his band happened to get on a bill for tomorrow night. There will be celebrations aplenty at his birthday show.

Speaking of out-of-the-ordinary relationships, I will be attending the one and only screening of the locally made Living Arrangements:

Sasha and Billie just found a new apartment right next to their favorite coffee shops and thrift stores. Life couldn’t be better until they discover a blood-thirsty werewolf living in the attic. Coping with the uninvited roommate challenges their vegan lifestyle and may turn these animal savers into animal slayers.

Yessss, vegans vs. lycanthropes! This is going to be amazing! Also in that vein I recently discovered: Robot Lincoln and Zombie Jackson:

Tread carefully while near the Hermitage, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. For on these damned grounds lurks Zombie Andrew Jackson, and his never ending hunger for fresh brains. Will a newly ressurected[sic] Abraham Lincoln, whose brain is encased in a indestructible metal body, be able to put a stop to Zombie Jackson and his living dead minions?!

Pray for the Union dear reader…pray for the Union.

And I’ve been re-reading the books of A. Lee Martinez - whose work features the undead and other assorted supernatural creatures, while waiting for my pre-ordered copy of Monster to turn up (alas, not until May). But why does such supernatural fiction call to me, more so than any other genre? I guess it’s in the blood. A compelling New Yorker article confronts our undying (ha ha) fascination with immortal bloodsuckers and their ilk. Maybe it does boil down to the truthful representations of “the amoral contrivances of love, or of desire” - or sex and power without the guilt.

rebel yell

Bonus: I did succumb to the latest Threadless $5 t-shirt sale but not for myself. The little man is not so little so I picked him up some 12yo sized shirts for this summer. Next up? He needs some new pants and shorts. But not short pants. No highwaters for my boy! Though the Ed Grimley/Urkel look does seem to be awfully hip in certain circles.
Plus: The Threadless sale led me to the beautiful work of illustrator Olly Moss. Also enjoying this gorgeous photoset of animal portraits: Vita, though I have no idea how such results were achieved.
And: Somehow my brain thinks these things go hand in hand. The Portland Urban Iditarod 2009 and the 2009 NYC Beard & Moustache Championships. Because both bring the fun!


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    Thought of you when reading about this:

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    Oooh, awesome! Thanks!

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