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A Slice of Life

Oh what a difference a week can make. Last week was long and hot and the bad weather melted my brain. During the day I enjoyed life at Clockwork HQ, with the magically chilly air. But as soon as I headed home my energy and motivation drained away as I slogged my way up to our 2nd floor apartment, with our miserably hot kitchen. I had no choice but to huddle in a corner of our bedroom near the window a/c unit. Pitiful. This week the weather is back to blissful and I’m feeling much happier and more productive. My son is out of town again (another four day trip to Wisconsin Dells) so I signed up for a two night studio lighting class at the MPLS Photo Center. So far so good.

And one week from today? We leave for wild wild Western road trip adventures. Ok, maybe not so wild. But we might stop at Wall Drug and/or the Mitchell Corn Palace. And we’ll definitely see Mount Rushmore and the Badlands and the Wind Cave and we’ll be staying in hotels and a cabin.

Because it’s been too long…ten good or interesting things instead of a measly five (been saving them up with too many browser tabs open):

After next week’s road trip it won’t be long before our Canadian adventures. And quickly after that the beginning of a new school year. So some time in September I plan to check out another of our area pizza farms. This time, the Two Pony Gardens one right in our very own state.

The Melvins

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