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Divas of Danger

Yesterday’s post was a little on the heavy side. Enough with the grim. The weather this week has been mostly perfect. Wednesday I ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner outside and it was lovely. And we might go tubing down a river this weekend. And we’re having an outdoor cookout with old friends (wherein we will be boggling at how large our children have gotten).

Five more good things for a Friday:

Gah, it’s nearly mid-July already! It’s been a complete clusterfuck attempting to renew my son’s passport. Going to give it another go tomorrow morning and expedite it. But first we have a road trip out West before we leave the country. Hard to believe his summer camp times are drawing to a close already. But he’s been enjoying the heck out of it. My summer treat to myself was going to be a new tattoo but I haven’t been on top of it. This interview with artist Stacey Rozich is a reminder to get in gear, and pick something of hers to be permanently inked into my right forearm.

purple Sara with PBR

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