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Difficult Times Lie Ahead

This afternoon I got out of my pajamas…for the first time since Friday. Turns out moping really isn’t the best way to pass the time. Who knew? Thankfully my mother-in-law agreed to watch the little man for a few hours, so the husband and I could get out for a bit…to see the new Harry Potter movie, and grab a bite to eat. That was a decent distraction. And the little man, he’s awesome. I thank my lucky stars we’ve got him. Before his bath last night he was singing the Batman smells version of Jingle Bells and cracking himself up. That boy has got the best belly laugh, I just love it. After his bath he was jumping around on my bed, naked, save for a Batman mask, when he declared “I’m naked Batman!” The husband coaxed him into jammies while dryly commenting “I don’t think I’ve seen that Batman movie” *pause* “and I don’t think I want to.”
Bonus: My Verve Remixed3 box set arrived yesterday (though I didn’t find it on the doorstep until today). Just ripping it now and so far I quite like what I’ve heard.
Plus: An odd but clever clip the husband found, via robot wisdom, I think. The human skateboard.
And: Just under thirteen hours until tomorrow morning’s appointment. Hopefully I will spend some of that time sleeping instead of worrying myself sick(er).