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Houston, We Have A Problem

It wasn’t such a good day. The husband and I spent the afternoon at the perinatal clinic. Turns out the baby isn’t okay after all. There are a few areas of concern. One has to do with the umbilical cord. Instead of having the normal three blood vessels it only has two. This alone could be all right, but it’s often an indicator of other abnormalities. Which we’ve got. This little guy has a bad heart, a condition called Atrioventricular Canal (also called AV Canal or AVC). And that, in turn, is often associated with Down Syndrome. We had an amnio done (and boy, was that ever a hoot) and should have preliminary test results by Monday or Tuesday. As for the heart issue, we’ve been referred to a pediatric cardiologist, but weren’t able to get an appointment booked just yet. And with next week’s holiday, I’m anxious to get in sooner rather than later.
Update: Turns out we didn’t notice the voicemail from the clinic right away. They were able to squeeze us in for a 10am appointment with the specialist on Monday morning after all. To be continued…