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The New Post-modern Mythology

Some good news. Our Quad Screen blood test results came back NORMAL. What a relief. Now we just have to get through Friday’s appointment, with a genetic counselor, and the Level II Ultrasound, and then it will be safe to be super excited (well, I’m already super excited, but still). Last night the little man put his arms around my belly and announced “I’m hugging my baby brother.” He is not only adjusting to the notion, he seems to be excited too.

In other news…what the Hellboy? I’m a long-time Mignola fan, but I had no idea about the upcoming Hellboy animated series, until I saw Joe’s excellent post on the subject. I’m cautiously optimistic (after having been burned by the live action movie). I pointed this out to a friend who is also a Hellboy fan. He liked the character design, but thought the backgrounds looked a little too Disney. I’d have to agree. We’ll see.

Friday night is The Clientele’s show at the 400 Bar. I feel like I *should* go, because I’ll be going to even fewer shows after the baby’s arrival, but at this point I can’t imagine a) staying up that late or b) standing for so long. We’ll see.

Compassionate Action for Animals is having a Turkey-free Thanksgiving vegetarian potluck this Saturday, at the U of M. We’re hosting our own vegan Thanksgiving potluck this year, but hey, the baby needs all the Tofurky it can get, right?

My back is killing me. I desperately need a lumbar support pillow to use when I’m at work. Isn’t that exciting? I did have a nice one, when I was pregnant with the little man. And I know I hung on to it. But, considering my lack of organizational skills, it will probably turn up when the new baby is, oh, two or so. Oh well.

Word of the day: SNOW! Like Matt, I’ll have to go out later and take some photos of objects obscured by snow, while the snow is still pristine and white. It’s not so pretty after being blackened by car exhaust.

gloomy morning, pre-snow
looking down at my bump