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Best Case Scenario

What an emotional rollercoaster…but, for now, we are feeling pretty all right. This morning the pediatric cardiologist checked out the baby’s heart and said that, as far as AV Canals go, it is in the best possible shape for surgery. So that’ll happen when he’s about three months old. Provided he’s gaining weight and otherwise thriving, they’ll patch up the hole in his heart and he should be good to go. So that was good to hear. But after the appointment we had to come home and wait around for the phone call from the genetic counselor, which finally came just now. Preliminary results from the amnio show that he does not have Down Syndrome. Phew.

We’re certainly not out of the woods yet. The rest of this pregnancy will be watched very carefully, and there could be complications after birth. And just because Down Syndrome has been ruled out it isn’t a guarantee that this little guy won’t have other cognitive problems. But still, this was the best possible news we could have hoped for today.

I think I’m going to go pass out now. Didn’t get much sleep last night…