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Strange But Not A Stranger

I had fully intended to catch up on my sleep last night, honest. But around 2:30am the husband woke me up. He was moaning, loudly, in his sleep. Scared the crap out of me. I tried to rouse him from his weird dreams, but I only succeeded in getting him to stop with his Ghost of Jacob Marley impersonation. A little while later he started tapdancing in his sleep, shaking the whole bed all the while. Sometimes I think we should get two separate twin beds, Dick Van Dyke style.

Yesterday afternoon, when I picked the little man up from his after school program, I was informed that he had been engaged in an odd activity. He’d been picking up stacks of books, taking them over to the kitchen playset, and placing them inside the toy oven. When asked what he was doing he replied “I’m cooking the books.” Maybe we’ve listened to a little too much NPR in the car. I’m afraid the lad may have a future career as a shady accountant for big business.

Bonus: Woke up to a new Making Fiends episode this morning. Yay!
Plus: When I got into work this morning I discovered that my iPod mini, the newest one, was completely dead. Not so Yay. In fact, I nearly had a panic attack…but I calmed myself and turned to Google. First I found this bloke’s post about a similar situation, and in the comments someone had linked to an Apple support doc that did the trick. Had to do a manual reset, but it’s up and running again. Phew.
And: Jay Ryan, illustrator and poster-maker extraordinaire, now has a book out…a collection of his best work from the last decade, with the oddly compelling title 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels. Hmmm.