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Of Low Costume And Very Little Industry

Well, I’m somewhat less crabby today, but sorta sick. I would have gone in to work anyhow, but I was worried about the little man…who slept much longer than usual and is all stuffed up. By this afternoon he seems to be feeling much better, thankfully. And mama’s got a brand new bag. Of maternity clothes, that is. My former neighbor really came through for me. She’s about the same size, has good taste, just had a baby in June, and today she dropped off a large bag of high quality maternity clothes. Score! Everything fits (save for one pair of jeans that are a little on the long side) and I nearly wept tears of joy when trying on the maternity pants. They fit like a dream, with their wonderfully soft stretchy waistbands. Sigh. Anyhow, now I won’t have to buy much in the way of other maternity clothes, even though there is much more to choose from these days. Back when I was preggers with the little man most everything seemed designed to make adult pregnant women look like babies themselves. It was all hideous clothing adorned with teddy bears and little pink bows. Oh how times have changed. I misrembered this brand as “Miami Mama” or something, but it’s actually “Meet Me in Miami.” Either way, their J Lo style maternity clothes are not quite my style. Wrong climate too, what with this being a Minnesota winter pregnancy and all. I did break down and order a maternity coat (in modern red, but the green is awfully cute too), on sale. After trying on some of my coats yesterday I realized that they’re just not going to cut it for the 17+ weeks I have left. Especially after I looked back at a photo of my belly the day I had the little man. I was HUGE! And wow, I looked so very young.
Bonus: Receptionista is a genius. I may just have to try this with our tree. The, umm, seasonal, umm, winter tree (we aren’t Christian, and the husband was soooooooo ticked off when I put up a tree last year, and when I told him I planned to do it again this year he grumpily decreed “I’ll have nothing to do with it!” Mr. Scrooge McScrooge).
Plus: These are funny…pregnant paper dolls.
And: An update on the Bruce Lee in Bosnia story…Legend’s Nunchucks Nicked. Ouch.

the bump at 22 weeks