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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Be The Guardian Of Your Own Curiosity

Though I’m a listmaker from way back, I still haven’t gotten around to using Backpack by 37signals (it’s, uh, on my To Do list). But with life growing even more complicated, I think I should make the switch from my current method, which involves random scraps of paper (mostly the backs of used envelopes) [...]

A Midwestern Tendency To Hesitate

Several weeks ago we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, where they know us well, and one of the owners looked up at me and said “ah, you’re having another baby?” Flustered and feeling a little churlish I mumbled “no, just getting fat” or something along those lines. Turns out Frank was right [...]

The Surreal Life

It’s been a particularly strange week. But a good sort of strange. Mostly. I could have done without paying the vet $170 for her “giant hairball” theory. But I’m relieved that our elderly, ailing cat is relatively okay. And there is much happier, more exciting news to come. Please stand by.

It’s About Time

Now I’ve waited too long and I have far too much to say. I hate when that happens. The roundup, wherein I am sure to leave something out:

The husband has made his triumphant return. Well, ok, I don’t know about triumphant, but he’s home. And it’s nice to have him home. I’d like to [...]

Come Quickly, I Am Tasting Stars!

The little man would like to sleep in our big bed every night, and I am a total push over, so his wish has come true while the husband is away. Shocker. But at 3am this morning he must have rolled over and stretched, at just the right angle, and clocked me a good [...]

The Right Balance Between Competing Elements

It’s only Tuesday and my nerves are shot and we are ready for the husband to come home. Actually, the little man was asking for him the night before last. We’re both feeling a bit under the weather, and more than a little cranky. Last night I sat on the couch in the living [...]