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It’s About Time

Now I’ve waited too long and I have far too much to say. I hate when that happens. The roundup, wherein I am sure to leave something out:

  • The husband has made his triumphant return. Well, ok, I don’t know about triumphant, but he’s home. And it’s nice to have him home. I’d like to say we went a full 24 hours without annoying each other, but we only managed to not annoy each other until the morning after, but for us, that’s still pretty good.
  • Receptionista made it to her destination, safe and sound. And only dropped $100 or so in Vegas along the way (on fairly essential items, at that).
  • Sometimes people suck.
  • Sometimes people are impulsive. I sort of replaced my powerbook, while the husband was gone…without consulting him. But it will look so lovely in the “it’s not easy being green” corduroy foofbag, when it arrives from Australia (and I finally ordered the fire engine red foofpod for my iPod mini).
  • Remember the great closet purge of ‘05, the one that the husband forced upon me a few weekends ago? It really was for my own good after all. And that’s now my favorite room in the house.
  • Over the weekend I wrote a bit on writing. I’ll post that piece tomorrow.

By coincidence, I happened to be commenting on this photo on flickr when the husband was on an airplane, flying home with the below toy for the little man. Funny, no?