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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Inside Voices Only Please

This morning I woke up before the little man. I stumbled out of my room, intending to head straight down to the kitchen to brew up some coffee. But I was greeted by one of the cats in the hallway. The loud cat. Concerned that her yowling would prematurely wake the lad, I instinctively [...]

Ample Time To Amble

There’s something about this site that is reminiscent of “The Weirdest Book in the World” - The Codex Seraphinianus. Speaking of which…I really need to spend more time perusing my personal copy.
Some interesting news from Bookcrossing:
On 18th April, Alexander McCall Smith, Ruth Rendell, Philip Pullman, Tracy Chevalier, William Boyd, AS Byatt, Joanna [...]

Destinationless Velocity

Last weekend was pretty action-packed. Early on Saturday we had a lovely birthday brunch for my father-in-law, and in the evening I went to see The Decemberists show at the Fine Line. I wouldn’t have been able to see anything really, if it weren’t for strategically placed monitors throughout the club. But my companion, who [...]

This One Ends Absolutely Mid-thought

Forgive me, it has been three days since my last post. If I were to write anything substantial at this point in time it would only be to outline the current frustrations in my life. Instead I will wait and attempt to atone…with a much more entertaining brain dump in the very near future.

Use The Tools We Like Or Like The Tools We Use

Everyone is quite taken with the new Google Maps satellite images (myself included). And it’s spawned the latest flickr craze, the Memory Maps pool. Click on the image below to see a sampling of my own memory maps.
Speaking of tools…it’s been said that: “The single most important tool you’ll ever choose is your [...]

All Work And No Play

This week I haven’t had any private time with my camera, and it’s starting to get to me. To the point that I’m even keeping track of missed opportunities.

Just before sunset one evening, my long shadow stretched over the horizontal white bars of a crosswalk;
One warm afternoon, a discarded winter coat, left to hang [...]

Where’s My Tango Face?

“A kind of Spellbound crossed with Strictly Ballroom!”This I gotta see.
Speaking of a tango, of sorts, on the way to work yesterday morning I was nearly sideswiped by a Lubetech truck. Not the way I’d want to go. Especially as the ‘L’ in the Lubetech logo was all loopy, like the ones embroidered [...]

Even The Accordion Is Crying

A good night’s sleep it wasn’t. At 2:49am the little man barged into my room, turned on the overhead light, and collapsed into my bed. Shellshocked I got up to turn off the light. When I stumbled back to bed I found that the lad had lain down, at an angle, with his head [...]

The Dog Has Not Jumped Down Yet

Lately I’ve been simultaneously over and underwhelmed by life. It was a cranky kind of weekend around these parts, spent recovering from a crappy week…one in which I visited our urgent care clinic three times. Sure, once was a quick stop, just to pick up the little man’s immunization records, but the other two [...]