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Ample Time To Amble

There’s something about this site that is reminiscent of “The Weirdest Book in the World” - The Codex Seraphinianus. Speaking of which…I really need to spend more time perusing my personal copy.

Some interesting news from Bookcrossing:

On 18th April, Alexander McCall Smith, Ruth Rendell, Philip Pullman, Tracy Chevalier, William Boyd, AS Byatt, Joanna Trollope and Doris Lessing are among thousands of readers and other authors who will release a book for Book Aid International.

And vaguely book-related…a librarian friend of mine sent me an email, saying she is going to be ordering an odd album for her library system…the Thai Elephant Orchestra’s release, Elephonic Rhapsodies. A bit about it:

Crazy as it sounds, much of the music on this strange and wonderful album is actually made by elephants, trained to beat drums, shake rattles and tap xylophones and gongs in something surprisingly close to a steady rhythm. American composers Richard Lair and Dave Soldier worked with the Thai Elephant Orchestra to create these charming, brief pieces, all of which are explained nicely in the liner notes and some recorded conversations. Curious but fun.

Hmmmm. In less unsettling music news, I’ve been commandeering the husband’s iPod mini on a regular basis, but I don’t want it to get all banged up in my bag. So I’ve been considering a foofpod. The dilemma, and it’s only a minor one really, which color and style should I get? There aren’t quite as many options for the mini, but those offered are pretty sweet.
Bonus: This is a place where no clouds go and my life as a cloud.
Plus: Awesome graffiti in the UP Factory, in Portland.

imperial bubbles, with wand
making waves mural
conductor to be
stop staring at me