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Destinationless Velocity

Last weekend was pretty action-packed. Early on Saturday we had a lovely birthday brunch for my father-in-law, and in the evening I went to see The Decemberists show at the Fine Line. I wouldn’t have been able to see anything really, if it weren’t for strategically placed monitors throughout the club. But my companion, who is 6′7″, had a clear view of everything, which I envied (but I am far more comfortable on airplanes than he is, so it’s a tradeoff). Anyhow, after the show we emerged from the club around midnight to find that:
a) we didn’t smell awful (it was the first smoke-free show I’d attended since the Minneapolis smoking ban went into effect) and
b) the streets and sidewalks were completely crowded. It had been so long since I’d been in the warehouse district on a weekend night…I’d forgotten about all the meat markets (clubs) in the area. Gawking at the outfits donned by some made for free entertainment, but also made me kinda-sorta wish I’d had on the official “I Hate What You’re Wearing” t-shirt.

Sunday saw even more activity. The little man and I went to lunch at Seward Cafe with a friend (whose birthday it is today - Happy Birthday Broccoli!), then later on headed to the home of other friends, with the husband in tow. The little man hung out with them (thank you Dave&HL) while the husband and I strolled over to the Lagoon Cinema. We both felt pangs of homesickness of a sort, of missing our former homes in Uptown, and the ease of walking from those homes to places of interest. There isn’t too much to walk to in our current neighborhood, aside from that one coffee shop that closes too early, a few lovely playgrounds, and, well, downtown St. Paul…if one has a half hour or so to spare. But I digress. Our destination Sunday afternoon was a theater playing host to an M-SPIFF selection. I can’t recommend Kontroll enough, though I am still thinking it through.

That was the weekend. This week has been much less fun. In fact it’s been grueling and frustrating for too many reasons to name. I’m hoping it will improve soon. Distractions always help, when one has time for them. A couple of years ago our cost-cutting measures included the cancellation of Netflix. But now that the husband and I both have shiny new jobs we’ve decided to splurge…and sign up for Green Cine. Our first selection is on its way. Oh sweet relief.
Bonus: For anyone in the area, Giant Robot is sponsoring the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles from April 20 - 24 and the LA Asian Film Festival from April 28 - May 5.
Plus: June is the month in which we celebrate my birth (yes, all month long), and the birth of Zophia. This year we will be kicking it off in style with the Kaiser Chiefs show on June 1st, followed by the Neko Case and Her Boyfriends show on June 7th.
And: We’ve heard from someone on the inside that the Wedge Co-op may start carrying Chicago Soy Dairy’s vegan ice cream. I’m already craving the chocolate chip cookie dough variety.

blurry photo from the Fine Line, taken by my former co-worker