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Inside Voices Only Please

This morning I woke up before the little man. I stumbled out of my room, intending to head straight down to the kitchen to brew up some coffee. But I was greeted by one of the cats in the hallway. The loud cat. Concerned that her yowling would prematurely wake the lad, I instinctively brought a finger to my lips to shush her…before my groggy brain could boggle at what I was doing. Yes, like Diablo Cody, I too am a crazy cat lady.
Bonus: Yesterday’s mail brought my copy of the Relief Digest from Rescue Magazine. My favorite feature…Bait and Tackle: Fishy Places to Hook the Look. But now I want a pair of Crocs, dammit.
Plus: Damien Jurado is playing the Turf Club tonight. I’d like to go, but I’m not sure I’d be able to stay up that late. So sad.