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The Space Between Two Doors

Our lives have been full of mad chaos all year long. Thankfully the bedlam hasn’t been all bad. A couple of weeks ago the husband started contracting, part-time. Yesterday he was asked to go full-time. This is big. It will mark the first time in years that we’re both working exclusively in our respective fields. When he called to share the news he sounded happier than I’d ever heard him…especially since he can finally quit the lousy energy-sapping soul-sucking overnight job. In his own words, he’s excited to be “closing the door on that chapter” of his life. And we’ll be excited to have him back among the living.

Speaking of closing doors…via Ranjit on flickr, “The Last Moments of Industrial Plastics” and an article about the same, from the NY Times: “the company simply couldn’t peddle enough plastic to keep going.” So sad.

I appreciated Pitchfork’s pithy explanation of the Manitoba-to-Caribou name change:

The recently renamed Caribou, who was forced to give up the Manitoba moniker because Dictators frontman Handsome Dick Manitoba sued for trademark infringement, is still popular among critics for his innovative beats and off-kilter indie pop. Handsome Dick, on the other hand, is still popular for, well, being a dick.

Turns out Caribou/Dan Snaith will be playing Minneapolis on June 6th, the day before the Neko Case show. Each show is on a schoolnight. Sadly I won’t be able to swing them both, but I hope someone out there can.
Bonus: The 23rd Annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival is drawing to a close soon (and I only saw one selection) but they’ve posted a list of Confirmed Holdovers and Best of the Fest contenders to their site.
Plus: I plan to take Kid Ethnic up on his offer: Mail Saleem Stickers and Receive a Stupid Song! Read all about it.

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