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I Like My Sugar With Coffee And Cream

Another weekend passed in a blur of activity. Sounds like Damien Jurado put on a good show Friday night, but a late starting one. It’s just as well I didn’t attempt it (I probably turned in before he even took the stage). Instead we went out to celebrate the husband’s good fortune…by dragging an exhausted little man over to our friends’ rented house, and ordering in some Pizza Luce. So jealous that they live within range of vegan pizza delivery. And it looks like that won’t be changing. But their address will. Said friends have been house-hunting and Saturday they found out they won their bid on a lovely abode. Congratulations Dave & Huey-Ling! And yes, we’ll gladly help you move. We just won’t give the little man any breakables to carry.

Saturday was blissfully quiet and rainy, but I don’t know where the day went. It’s a mystery

We missed out on the Walker’s reopening festivities, but I suspect it would have been overstimulation central for the little man…and myself. We’ll get over there when things calm down a bit. Instead we met up with a friend for lunch at Seward Cafe on Sunday. She was only visiting for the weekend, and regaled us with tales of substitute teaching at a Chicago High School (students starting fires in the classroom, throwing their desks around, etc.). This week will mark her fourth there. Apparently most subs don’t come back after one day. But our Delia Jane is made of tougher stuff.

After gorging ourselves we engaged in some much needed playground activity, then met up with Zophia and her crafty friends at Muddy Paws Cheesecake…to plan Phase 2 of the No Coast craft-o-rama site. Personally I think Phase 3 should involve flying Receptionista out here for the festivities, but somehow I don’t think it’s in the budget.

Bonus: This Bearsuit Review hits the nail on the head:
“This UK art-pop-punk six-piece produces a gleeful collision–a pileup, really–of seemingly disparate sounds”
Thanks again to James, for turning me on to them.
Plus: I think Comic Life for OS X would be fun to play around with (found via a former coworker’s post to flickr), but none of my machines are currently running OS X. Perhaps this should be remedied.
And: The vegguide has a fresh new look for Spring, and a new community mailing list.
And another thing: Looks like the reunion tour of “beloved indie rock behemoths” Dinosaur Jr. does include a stop in Minneapolis, on July 23rd. Let the weirdness flow between us.

glowstick fun on a Saturday night