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The Tyranny Of Consensus

The husband is thrifty and a minimalist, by nature, but the last few years he’s been downright miserly. Which is why it surprised me so to find him furniture shopping online recently. First he was perusing dining room table chairs at Design Within Reach. He likes the Kyoto Chair, among whose selling points are:

Coco Chair, in red

1) it is “Contract Quality” and
2) the “Best-selling café chair in Japan”.
Seriously, it looks like a fine chair. Though I would prefer the Coco Chair (as seen to the right) in red, of course, but it costs over twice as much and I’m sure he wouldn’t like it anyhow. As for tables he was excited by one from Herman Miller…the Aalto Extension Table H92. Too bad it’s $5,000. That is so not “Design Within Reach” - our reach, anyhow. Maybe that makes it Design Without Reach.
Bonus: June is going to be a busy month. Just found out about another must-see show…Ted Leo will be playing the First Avenue main room, on June 14th. I am not missing him this time around (Sleater-Kinney is playing the same space the next night, but I’ve seen them often enough).
Plus: I wish I could have joined Afrojet for “a rock n’ roll lesson plan of pure punk rock pedagogy” Monday night, but maybe without the blood on the sidewalk. Yeah, I guess I’m getting soft in my old age.
And: Speaking of shows…I dimly recalled that the Crystal Skulls were playing in town soon. Turns out that “soon” was actually “tonight” as in they probably just finished up. Doh.
Update: I was posting late at night and quite confused and, as it turns out, the Crystal Skulls show hasn’t actually happened yet…but it is tonight. Tempting.