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Use The Tools We Like Or Like The Tools We Use

Everyone is quite taken with the new Google Maps satellite images (myself included). And it’s spawned the latest flickr craze, the Memory Maps pool. Click on the image below to see a sampling of my own memory maps.

Speaking of tools…it’s been said that: “The single most important tool you’ll ever choose is your text editor.” At the new job I’ve begun using Vi to edit code, as that’s what my co-workers use…and I am getting more and more acclimated to it (I am partial to the “yank” command, probably because it’s fun to say), much to the husband’s chagrin. You see, he’s an Emacs user, as are many of our geekier friends. But let’s try thinking Vi and Emacs, rather than Vi vs. Emacs. If only to make my life somewhat less contentious.

Speaking of geeky stuff, Duluth’s Fourth Annual Geek Prom is being held tonight. Alas, I will not be attending as I’ve got a ticket to the sold out Decemberists show instead. Speaking of whom, they have some good news/bad news. Turns out the Portland Police have made some raids recently and have managed to recover some of their stolen equipment. The bad news…they aren’t sure which pieces, or what kind of condition they will be in after a spending a month in a meth lab. Ouch.
Bonus: Yesterday the Museum of Modern Art kicked off a Christopher Guest tribute series. Looks fabulous.
Plus: Speaking of tributes, this is a really well done ode to Sesame Street.
And: There is just too much going on lately. Adding another item to the list, this coming Tuesday evening Sarah Vowell will be reading from her latest volume, Assassination Vacation, at the U of M Bookstore.

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