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Monthly Archives: November 2004

I’ve Been Thinking

This parenting gig can be grueling and thankless at times. But at the end of an exhausting day…well, I get to hear myself saying things like “Astro Boy can go in the bathtub, but Ultraman cannot.” I’m easily amused, I know.Bonus:

The Dancing Citroen Transformer

I made the mistake of showing this to the little man tonight.

We must have watched it a dozen times or so. Now he’s under the mistaken assumption that a) it’s something we can buy for him [and where would we keep it if we could? We don't even have a garage] and [...]

The Smell Of Commerce In The Morning

The husband shocked and amazed me this morning…by suggesting that we, gasp, venture forth to a mall. Let me say that again, a mall. For those of you who don’t know us well, we are not mall-goers. Especially not the husband. He isn’t a shopper by nature, and doesn’t acquire or accumulate much stuff [...]

Oh What A Pearl, What A Well Made World

First Avenue re-opens today. Just in time for my friend Dave’s band to play the Entry tomorrow. And it’s not just any show, it’s “The Second Annual Lunch Show”. Blurb by City Pages:

A novel idea, one that poet Frank O’Hara would write home about: three local all-age friendly bands play a matinee rock ‘n’ [...]

My Life With The Fearless Freaks

Yesterday was unexpectedly productive. After the little man boarded his school bus I drove off into the fog. Over the High Bridge I couldn’t even see a hint of the downtown skyline. Nor could I see beyond the edges of the bridge, really…just solid walls of white on either side. Driving up Historic Summit [...]

Bug A Friend!

My friend and client, Cathy Camper, will be interviewed by the fine folks at Minnesota Public Radio tomorrow, with the program airing sometime Saturday…I believe at noon. Naturally we can expect increased traffic to her web site. Which means I had to get my butt in gear. A while back Cathy had enlisted the [...]

It’s Just… For Good Luck

This past year a couple things happened that led me to finally taking the NaNo pledge/plunge.

First, I attended a writer’s workshop last summer put on by mamas, for mamas. In it we broached a topic near and dear to me. Why it is that we, as people who feel compelled to write (but [...]

To Escape All Fetters And Go Really Wild

Yesterday was noteworthy for two reasons.

One, we NaNoWrimos reached the halfway point, and I made it right on track with my word count (squeaked by with just 11 surplus words before my eyes threatened to clamp shut on their own). I may not have made it at all, thanks to Jasper Fforde. I’d [...]

To Wash My Brain

Spent the morning on client work, and a quick trip back to United Noodles to shore up our dwindling ramen supplies. But I spent the afternoon in the Paris Catacombs. Mentally though not corporeally. Stopped writing to go into research mode, which was helpful, but went on far longer than was necessary. Couldn’t focus [...]

The Internet Is My Enemy

I’ve already seen and enjoyed Kung Fu Hamlet, so I’m thinking the below was made for me…but I seriously doubt I’ll be getting to NYC again in time (by November 21st).
Excerpt from this week’s New Yorker:TINY NINJA THEATRE PRESENTS HAMLET A miniature plastic action figure is the Danish prince in this multimedia production [...]