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My Life With The Fearless Freaks

Yesterday was unexpectedly productive. After the little man boarded his school bus I drove off into the fog. Over the High Bridge I couldn’t even see a hint of the downtown skyline. Nor could I see beyond the edges of the bridge, really…just solid walls of white on either side. Driving up Historic Summit Avenue was the spookiest. The victorian mansions were shrouded in mist such that the morning could have been 100 years ago. If it weren’t for all the commuters speeding by, that is, and the women I saw walking their dogs while wearing the finest waterproof clothing that GORE-TEX® technology has to offer. I did pull the car over for a bit, taking it all in. And when there was a break in the foot traffic I snapped off a couple of shots. The city felt a million miles away, even though it was only about half a mile behind me. Sadly, the magic was ruined when I continued on, taking a right turn on to Hamline…heading to Cub Foods to buy cat food. Reality bites. But the magic was recaptured a little at my informal writer’s group. I enjoyed meeting up with a few fellow NaNoWriMos again, this time at Brewberry’s. Though I had the sinking feeling that much of what I cranked out in that session was complete crap. Afterwards I headed back home, to finish up client work and spend several hours in the kitchen, catching up on some much needed cleaning. Thankfully inspiration struck, while I washing the dishes of all things, so I took a break to write a few scenes that flowed so well I was nearly giddy. Later on I listened to the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack repeatedly (courtesy of a thoughtful NaNoWriMo, thank you!), while researching and writing…and wound up with a total of nearly 3000 new words for the day. But I can’t take the credit for all of the productivity. The husband did the heavy lifting on that client project. So in return I whipped up a batch of his favorite seitan stew. All in all, an excellent day. Today promises more of the same, though with less running around, and more lounging.

Historic Summit Avenue
princess jasmine, outside