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Oh What A Pearl, What A Well Made World

First Avenue re-opens today. Just in time for my friend Dave’s band to play the Entry tomorrow. And it’s not just any show, it’s “The Second Annual Lunch Show”. Blurb by City Pages:

photo of my friend Dave found, uh, somewhere

A novel idea, one that poet Frank O’Hara would write home about: three local all-age friendly bands play a matinee rock ‘n’ nosh for those never too old for the brown bag (but maybe the Batman lunchbox). STNNNG’s off-kilter punk sounds like an Iron Maiden one-off on AmRep. Their full-length debut, Dignified Sissy, is due early next year. Signal to Trust just might be STNNNG’s distant cousin, with a similar penchant for furrowed waves of noise and well-read lyricism beneath the surface. Upstarts Aneuretical brighten indie rock’s dusty corners with good old youthful optimism (when’s the last time you heard that?) Just don’t trade your earplugs for Oreos. The bands will graciously provide free food for this triumphant return of live music to the Entry (the club is slated to reopen Friday). Hosted by Robot Comic. All ages. $6. Noon.

Also exciting, Shaun of the Dead graces the big screen at the Riverview, for anyone who missed it in its first run.
Bonus: I found this to be funny and sad all at once…him name is hopkin green frog.
Bonus bonus: I can’t get over how freaky looking these boys are: “Two Gotti Sons Beaten at Mall” (via five oclock bot)
Extra special bonus: I’m stuck in a loop today. Can’t stop listening to the Low & Spring Heel Jack collaboration, Bombscare, on repeat, even though it’s just four songs long. But oh what fine songs they are.
NaNo word count: 30152/50000