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The Smell Of Commerce In The Morning

The husband shocked and amazed me this morning…by suggesting that we, gasp, venture forth to a mall. Let me say that again, a mall. For those of you who don’t know us well, we are not mall-goers. Especially not the husband. He isn’t a shopper by nature, and doesn’t acquire or accumulate much stuff in general. When he does it is usually a) thoroughly researched beforehand b) extremely utilitarian and c) purchased online. So when he suggested we go to Southdale today, I thought he’d lost his mind. But folks, it turns out the man was just on a quest for Tupperware (the lid on one of our inferior Rubbermaid storage containers has completely fallen apart). And yes, Tupperware can now be obtained through their web site, rather than the traditional tedious parties. But the shipping would have been about $10. The husband came up with another option, heading to a “Mall Showcase” store. But after a grueling white knuckle drive in the rain to the suburbs, we were not rewarded with some magical Tupperware Emporium. No, all we found was a sad little cart in the middle of the mall, adrift in a sea of kiosks. We also discovered something about the little man. Though he fears and respects the escalator, the kid is no mallrat. He demanded to leave shortly after we got there.

tupperware kiosk

Not all hope was lost, however. The husband ordered what he needed from the helpful sales agent, who knocked off a few bucks on the shipping. Then we headed to Evergreen for lunch. It was the first time the three of us had gone out together for a meal in, well, many moons. But with all the to-ing and fro-ing in the rain my hair rebelled. I’m kind of compulsive about keeping it straight. To the point of enduring self-inflicted grievous bodily harm caused by the use/mis-use of a flat iron. Today said implement made no difference. My hair curled up in the rain, not so much a la little orphan Annie as scary Janis Joplin style. I just booked an appointment for a haircut Monday morning. What a weird day.

Janis Joplin Style