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The Dancing Citroen Transformer

I made the mistake of showing this to the little man tonight.

Citroen C4's Transformer Dance

We must have watched it a dozen times or so. Now he’s under the mistaken assumption that a) it’s something we can buy for him [and where would we keep it if we could? We don't even have a garage] and b) that it’s something his atheist parents would buy for him, if we could, for Christmas. Uh, I wonder if he’d settle for Transformers toys of the non life-sized, non-dancing variety.

In other news…while I can understand an artist’s need for them, there is something inherently creepy about hand mannequins. Maybe it’s just me, but I was always freaked out by the disembodied hand named “Thing” on the Addams Family. I imagined it skittering around in the night, like a giant bloodthirsty spider. Yeeuck.
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