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To Wash My Brain

Spent the morning on client work, and a quick trip back to United Noodles to shore up our dwindling ramen supplies. But I spent the afternoon in the Paris Catacombs. Mentally though not corporeally. Stopped writing to go into research mode, which was helpful, but went on far longer than was necessary. Couldn’t focus on the act of creating just then anyhow. I was too preoccupied…getting intimately acquainted with the orchestral machinations of The Arcade Fire (love ‘em, they’re playing here on the 27th). Writing and listening to new music does not mix for me. If I’m going to perform work of any kind (and believe me, writing can be work) I have to listen to something I enjoy, but that’s familiar enough it can become background noise. For some reason the Run Lola Run soundtrack is my old standby, especially first thing in the morning when the coffee is just hitting my bloodstream.
NaNo word count: 23888/50000

blue Sunday