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Monthly Archives: March 2004

White Noise On White Noise

It’s always something with us. After a fairly low-key Saturday with the little man (of watching cartoons, running errands and visiting my folks) I was looking forward to a quiet evening with the husband (I skipped The Ponys show at the Triple Rock). But not too quiet. Just after the boy fell asleep I [...]

Snow And Sloooooooow, Revisited

After getting up early to clean the house, to prepare for a home visit from the little man’s teacher, she called to cancel. Doh. At least the house is in better shape than it’s been in, but I could have put up with the mess in exchange for extra rest. Especially as the denizens [...]

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I knew it was coming, but the snow still took me by surprise. Then again, I’m easily startled. Yesterday morning I was coming back in to the house (after an exciting adventure of taking out the trash) when I jumped back about a foot…upon catching my reflection in the patio door. Yes, for a [...]

This Wrinkle In Time, I Can’t Give It No Credit

I can feel it coming in the air tonight…and I felt it last night too. Everywhere I go much crankiness ensues. Or continues, as the case may be. Personally I’m not that crabby. Especially as there’s a new episode of Angel airing this evening. But far too many folks I know are suffering from [...]

I’m Two Parts Loner And One Part Joiner

I’m feeling the guilt today. We skipped out on our precinct’s caucuses last night (and missed out on a rocking good time, from the sound of it…Chuck and Lorika are going to be delegates and everything). The husband offered to make pancakes for dinner and I was powerless to resist. Especially as we had [...]

Your Emotions Are Nothing But Politics

I’m torn. Tonight I’d like to attend the precinct caucuses. The DFL caucus, to support any presidential candidate who might stand a chance of overturning the current regime. And the Green Party caucus, to support the platform. But bringing the hyperactive little man along to either crowded caucus sounds like a special kind of [...]

Haste Makes Waste

This, the first day of March, has been a bit off for us. It’s been a day of excess…but not in any sort of scandalous or scintillating way. More in a really dull yet highly irritating manner. I drank too much coffee…into which I had poured too much vanilla torani. I overwatered my plant. [...]

Nostalgia Is Now

We had a rather strange leap day. Incredibly hectic with the mood swing pendulum arcing from extreme crankiness to utter glee, and back again. Dragged the poor little man around town for a couple of hours early in the day, to photograph restaurants for the Regional Vegetarian Guide. After being so close to so [...]