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Monthly Archives: May 2003

What Dreams May Come

Lately I’ve been remembering more of my weird dreams. Last night I watched myself watching the Buffy finale. I knew exactly how it ended. And it all made sense, in the most satisfying way. Setting myself up for some serious disappointment, methinks. But that segued right into a trip. I’d taken the little man [...]

Blank-wave Arcade

Distractions abound this week. Last night it was the second to last Buffy episode. Ever. Don’t get me started. I’ve pre-ordered my Animatrix DVD, to arrive early next month. (My pre-ordered copy of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” will be coming along a few weeks after that.) The Onion has a [...]

May Your Genitalia Prolapse In A Pile Of Rosy Pink Goo

My inherit geekiness + a dose of Advil Cold & Sinus + a cup of coffee = complete spazz. This morning I collected cash from several co-workers, to cover the cost of a group field trip. I wanted to obtain our tickets asap to see “The Matrix Reloaded“, as one of the other Thursday [...]

A Day In The Life

Well, I did it. I snapped off a shot every hour or so that I was up and about today. So from around 6:30am to 9:30pm. I’ve posted the results in this May Day Project gallery. Sure, I’m still awake now…and it’s possible that I may stay up even later tonight…but, that timeframe represents [...]

Sunny Start, Sloppy Finish

After one long, rainy week the little man and I are off to take advantage of some Saturday sunshine. Before it fades. We’ll be documenting our adventure every step of the way, for the May Day Project. Photos to be posted late tonight or early tomorrow.

The Foot Shooting Party

Just went out to the skyway to run a few errands…and wound up having a brush with fame. And my own mortality. Or, more accurately, my extreme clutziness. I was walking along wearing boots that were not made for walking when I noticed a guy. Looking at him I was thinking, “wow, he looks [...]

In The Drugs

Pitchfork didn’t have the best news for me this morning. First off, Zak Sally has left Low. Just after he made his decision to depart, the band was offered the chance to tour with Radiohead. Naturally. But it looks like Mimi and Alan are going to forge ahead, with Karla Schickele from Ida filling in. [...]

5…4…3…2…1…thunderbirds Are Go!

Returning to work after the weekend, especially a long one, can sometimes be a shock to the system. I’m often reminded of what a weird (and sometimes wonderful) workplace I have. As I was grabbing my morning cup of coffee I noticed our in-house cable channel was playing the original Matrix movie. So far [...]

Hip Deep In Evil

Pardon my silence. My four-day weekend is rapidly drawing to a close. And any recent attempts to post have been foiled by my home pc (never mind that redesign I promised myself, and others). So howsabout a quick rundown, in reverse chronological order.Sunday: Today has been a bit of a letdown. Original plans revolved [...]