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May Your Genitalia Prolapse In A Pile Of Rosy Pink Goo

My inherit geekiness + a dose of Advil Cold & Sinus + a cup of coffee = complete spazz. This morning I collected cash from several co-workers, to cover the cost of a group field trip. I wanted to obtain our tickets asap to see “The Matrix Reloaded“, as one of the other Thursday afternoon shows has already sold out (I just can’t do the late show tomorrow night, too old/tired). So my exuberance caused me to race down to the theater…only to discover the box office wasn’t open yet. Doh. At least I’m not the only one. Though it seems many others are content to pay the $1 per ticket online fee. I still plan to buy the tickets the old-fashioned way in a little while. It is just a short walk through the skyway, after all. Hopefully I won’t lose my wallet on the way back.