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5…4…3…2…1…thunderbirds Are Go!

Returning to work after the weekend, especially a long one, can sometimes be a shock to the system. I’m often reminded of what a weird (and sometimes wonderful) workplace I have. As I was grabbing my morning cup of coffee I noticed our in-house cable channel was playing the original Matrix movie. So far so good. But as I was preparing my toast I watched in horror…as the divine Carrie-Anne Moss was replaced…by a perverse-looking puppet. Someone had swapped out the DVD. Taking out the Matrix and popping in “Thunderbird 6“. A feature length film based on the ultra-eerie TV show, The Thunderbirds (1964-1966), which was created by supermarionation guru Gerry Anderson. Some people dig that sort of thing, but for me it’s right up there, or rather down there, with creepy clowns and mimes. No thanks. Hopefully the experience won’t give me nightmares. Just gotta shake it off. Yeah.