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Monthly Archives: December 2002

Community Service Day

Today my company arranged for employees to volunteer, on company time, at a variety of local non-profit organizations. Several of us chose a local battered women’s shelter. And there was plenty to do. Half of our group went to sort out the donated foods. The expired goods needed to be thrown out, including a [...]

It Takes Two Hands To Cover Your Ears

There’s a letter I need to write, but I’m going to try to sort out my thoughts here first. Let me say this has long been a controversial issue, and not everyone will agree with my stance, but here it is. One night last week I’d been working late, then running errands afterwards…so I [...]

Human Rights Day

It’s time to step up on to my soap box for a moment. On this, the 54th international Human Rights Day, there are more problems than ever to address.

Here in the U.S. there are two executions scheduled to take place today, when, according to Amnesty International, “more than half the countries of the world [...]

Yay! We’re Doomed.

Weird weekend. We didn’t leave the house. At all. Which isn’t the worst…but I wasn’t terribly productive while homebound. As I wound up feeling fairly ill. But I still managed to enjoy myself. Most of the time. Kept myself distracted by finishing one and nearly another of the Jonathan Carroll novels I picked up. [...]

Home, Sweet Home

So maybe my 96+ year-old house is falling apart a bit. And my three year-old son might be helping it along. But it’s still standing…and it’s cozy and comfortable. After the busy week we’ve had I am quite content to bask in its glory, now that it’s been freshly-cleaned (courtesy of J, a thousand [...]

Peanut Butter Toast And American Bandstand

Listening to lovely Low b-sides and rarities, including many cover songs that surpass their originals. And trying to figure out what J and I were talking about recently…that led him to ask me “when did insanity ever stop you before?” I recall that it was quite funny at the time. And probably would be [...]

Easily Confused

Today I was making my way through the crowded skyways when I noticed an older gentleman. Who seemed somehow familiar. I couldn’t help but stare for a moment. I walked on, puzzled. Where did I know him from? Was he an old high-school teacher? Did I work with him at some point? Was he [...]

Sleeping In Flame

Finished another of Jonathan Carroll’s earlier novels last night. I started reading him just recently, though I’d heard about him from around the way. So I borrowed a few of his books and began consuming them in a haphazard fashion. I set out with his most recent (at that time) novel, “The Wooden Sea”. [...]

World Domination By 7am?

Well, those plans are shot. I was having unusually odd dreams this morning, in the nine minute increments between hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock. The alarm is set to radio. And public radio at that, instead of the uber-annoying beeping. So that may have influenced my dreams somewhat. But it all [...]

You Must Submit To Bust!

In other news…just got off the phone with J, who is back at the batcave. Ok, our house. But batcave sounds cooler. I’ve been stressing a bit all day…wondering whether or not a package arrived safely to the house. I’d been checking the airborne express delivery tracking page (somewhat compulsively, as you do) and [...]