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Monthly Archives: March 2003

Be A Freedom Fighter!

Attention Minneapolis residents. As I’ve moved across the river, my involvement is limited to spreading the word…a PSA from your friendly neighborhood librarian. //begin PSA If cities consider that acts by the feds violate the Consitution and the Bill of Rights, the cities can say they will not honor these federal laws, and [...]

I Thought It Wasn’t Real

The second installment of Animatrix shorts debuted this week. Last night J and I watched “Program“, written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. We enjoyed it even more than the first ep, “The Second Renaissance: Part 1” (though we’re still looking forward to Part 2). It was riveting, and meshed well with the Matrix world. [...]

Keflavik’s Calling My Name

What to call it…cabin fever? Some form of withdrawal? I think it’s safe to say…I’m suffering from a fit of wanderlust. And angsty pre-30th birthday wanderlust at that. Today I’ve found myself reminiscing…about the relaxing respite I took in Reykjavik, Iceland two years ago. Visiting Iceland in February may seem crazy to some. I’d [...]

Usb Home Appliance Testing Lab

Last week Lockergnome reported some unlikely new uses for the Power of USB. Specifically, a USB toothbrush, USB coffee warmer and, finally, a USB electric blanket. The latter was just obtained by a co-worker of mine. Not sure what Consumer Reports would have to say about it. After “warming” up for some time it [...]

Now Dig The Pattern Once More

I don’t believe today’s date has any special signifigance…aside from being kinda neat. But other folks place more stock in today’s troika. Some christians, with their long-standing faith in a holy trinity, have organized a World Prayer Team to pray at 3:33pm today. Naturally some are working the numerology angle, claiming that today “would [...]

Lost And Found

Was digging around my hard drive earlier, looking for something or other…uh, I’ve already forgotten what. Guess I’m losing my mind. But I did find a folder…of these photos I’d forgotten about. They were taken shortly after buying my current camera (which I’m still completely in love with).