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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Go Get ‘em, Tiger

The husband is a long-time Linux man. And has, unsurprisingly, always had PCs. So when he got his folks a computer many years ago, he bought them a Dell. If the computer had been for his own personal use, he would have just built it himself. But buying them a machine from Dell ensured [...]

A Rapidly Expanding Black Hole Of Suck

Life could be better. I’m on day three of pre-migraine madness, complete with motion-sickness. If I turn my head too quickly, or heck, just get up to walk, I find myself teetering on the brink…of blowing chunks. And I feel like I am trapped in a cage match, with my opponent’s thumbs being continuously [...]

Ladybug-style Jujitsu

Criminy. It’s flipping August already. That means the little man and I leave for San Francisco next week. The dates that we’ll be away were selected specifically to: a) coincide with a good chunk of his ten-day school break; and b) procure the cheapest direct flight possible.
But there are two factors I failed [...]

Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise

Sneaking into a wooded suburban park after dark, undetected, shouldn’t be that hard. But the degree of difficulty goes up when you’ve got a group of, oh, thirteen or more. It was less than half an hour before we were busted. Turns out the sheriff’s deputies had been watching us since our arrival. They [...]