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Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise

Sneaking into a wooded suburban park after dark, undetected, shouldn’t be that hard. But the degree of difficulty goes up when you’ve got a group of, oh, thirteen or more. It was less than half an hour before we were busted. Turns out the sheriff’s deputies had been watching us since our arrival. They said it wasn’t uncommon for them to come across naked drunks, rolling around in the playground’s cargo nets. So they were more than a little surprised to catch us…sober, completely clothed, and playing…freeze tag. They apologized for the $40 citations, saying we seemed like nice kids, but they’d already called it in when they first spotted us, and had to follow through. Darned procedure and all. That was what, seven years ago? Maybe eight. Saturday I returned to the scene of the crime for the first time, with the little man in tow. It was fun, but it wasn’t quite the same…what with all the daylight, and the legitimacy of our visit. Still, we might go back again. Maybe closer to dusk.
Bonus: She may be fussy, but she sure is funny: I always forget to beseech a higher power in times of STUPENDOUS FUCKING STUPIDITY.
Plus: On dodging the bullet, so to speak…this morning I found myself craving a particular kind of muffin, vegan banana chocolate chip, which can be found at the coffee shop my friends own. I considered stopping by before or after dropping the little man off at school, but laziness prevailed. Good thing too. We would have been over there just as this was happening: Police attacked on anniversary of officer’s death.
And: My IM client seems to be freaking out. It alleges that all my buddies have been logged in for over 49710 days. That ain’t right.

the net park
little man at the net park