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Ladybug-style Jujitsu

Criminy. It’s flipping August already. That means the little man and I leave for San Francisco next week. The dates that we’ll be away were selected specifically to:
a) coincide with a good chunk of his ten-day school break; and
b) procure the cheapest direct flight possible.

But there are two factors I failed to take into consideration:
1) I will be missing much of this year’s Fringe Festival. Though I will attempt to see Adventures in Mating (a romantic comedy inspired by the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books) before I go, as well as my co-worker friend’s Unicycle Showcase.
2) I will also be missing my own wedding anniversary. Doh. Actually had to look the date up in my weblog because I can never remember it…what a good little wifey I am, huh? Will have to make it up to the husband somehow.

There are many other things going on that I will, hopefully, not miss. The night before we head out Le Tigre is playing at First Avenue. And next month marks the little man’s 6th birthday (6?!). And I begin my Arabic Language for Beginners course (yes, I did sign up after all). And there will be a bonfire up north, put on by an amateur astronomer/coworker at his observatory. As well as the Headwaters Walk for Justice. And Sigur Ros will be at the State Theater on September 24th. And in October The Decemberists come back to town, on the 21st, at First Avenue. And we’re going to see Cirque du Soleil…at some point. And of course there’s Halloween to plan for. Plenty to keep us occupied. And preoccupied.