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Monthly Archives: August 2004

Jello Trembles You Have Nothing To Fear

This evening finds me salivating over Sticky Fingers all-vegan baked goods, and about to curl up with the sexxxy-hott Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook by Dan Cederholm. Seriously, though, I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy since reading this review:
Web Standards Solutions is the perfect book for those who are [...]

A Lot Of Ins, A Lot Of Outs, A Lot Of What-have-yous

I’d heard about the Kentucky-based event before, but Lebowski Fest is hitting the big time, in New York City. If only. I’ve missed the Mermaid Parade every year, and now this. Sigh. But what is up with the word grok turning up in that article, and so many others lately? Are there a lot [...]

The Eyes, Socrates, Go For The Eyes

All the news that’s fit to post. Well, the happier stuff, at any rate. The following tantalizing tidbits surfaced over the past week: According to Whedonesque, the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, seasons 1-7, will be released as a DVD box set in November. I’ve held out on buying any of the box [...]

Life Of Leisure

In light of Wednesday’s snafus, yesterday was a low-technology day. The little man and I started things off with the last installment in Block E’s Children’s Film Festival. I have to admit, Scooby Doo 2 wasn’t nearly as vile as I’d expected, but, like Ebert, I viewed it with a sort of benign indifference…while [...]

Technological Tragedy Strikes Twice

This morning I awoke to find my web site was down. I was able to access my email from that server, so I knew it was some sort of Apache problem. But there was no one to call. My gracious web host (and by gracious, I mean that he has hosted this site for [...]

The Reluctant Performers

This evening’s outing was a mixed bag. As we prepared to depart for The Owls’ show it wasn’t the darkening skies I was worried about. First I noticed a squad car…then a sheriff’s car, both parked in front of my house. Looking up the street I spotted a K-9 patrol sweeping the neighborhood. After [...]

Love With The Proper Stranger

Local family room rockers, The Owls, are slated to play in Loring Park tonight. But current conditions have me concerned. This rain is much-needed, but I fear it may interfere. I’d be sorely disappointed if the show were rained out, but there’s the chance to catch them next month…in the outdoor ruin courtyard of [...]

Thunder Sandwich

Signs of an increasing addiction? How about waking up to discover the DSL is still only working intermittently…and wondering if I should bother staying awake.

Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

Welcome to round three of 26 things, the international photographic scavenger hunt, domestic edition. The project was in the back of my mind all of July, but the month flew by at such a brisk pace. As the August 1st deadline loomed I discovered I’d only taken a few shots here and there. Which [...]

Genius Doesn’t Work On An Assembly Line Basis

The husband is renowned for his pancake making abilities. Actually, when I first became acquainted with him, it was his skill with breakfast foods and assorted baked goods that stood out. I am not so talented. While I make a select few savory items quite well, and the odd sweet one, pancakes have never [...]