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Jello Trembles You Have Nothing To Fear

This evening finds me salivating over Sticky Fingers all-vegan baked goods, and about to curl up with the sexxxy-hott Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook by Dan Cederholm. Seriously, though, I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy since reading this review:

Web Standards Solutions is the perfect book for those who are interested in developing standards-compliant web sites, have written a little CSS, have a pretty decent handle on the differences between HTML and XHTML, but have difficulty explaining why one style of markup is semantically, and technically, superior to another.

That describes me fairly well. But this bit was the best selling point:

Armed with both the how and the why, any web developer who picks up the book will learn how to create structurally sound, standards-compliant markup, and also be able to explain why it’s better.

I’m hoping to finally break myself of a decade of bad habits. But can I do so by mid-week? I’ve landed a short-term stint…with a favorite former co-worker, who is also freelancing these days. And the gig is at a standards compliant web shop. Sweet and sour…I’m excited and scared at the same time.

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