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Monthly Archives: July 2004

In The Glow Of Each Other’s Majestic Presence

I haven’t gotten round to mentioning it yet, but I have given notice at the part-time job (my last day is Friday)…for a couple of compelling reasons. First and foremost, the little man’s summer school session ended, well, today. We didn’t have anything arranged to keep him occupied until school begins again in the [...]

Do You Realize?

My friend is dead. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and we didn’t always get along when we did, but he was a friend. He features prominently in my memories, of a certain time in my life. Throughout high school we were a large (though tight knit) group…a merry band of misfits [...]

No True Dog Days In Sight

Still in the process of processing my experiences from the weekend. They ranged from the good to the bad to the ugly. More when I’m feeling less overwhelmed…and have sorted my thoughts out a bit.

You Can’t Simply Say, “today I Will Be Brilliant.”

The other night was especially hot and humid. To escape our stifling non-air-conditioned abode I dragged the little man out and about…to run less-than-essential errands (one involved driving to a co-op in our sister city, just to pick up vegan marshallows, which, until recently, couldn’t be obtained locally, only online). It was double the [...]

Mickey Mouse Business

In so many ways I’ve been lucky with the little man. True, his first year was often hellish, what with the multiple ear infections (and bonus sinus infections for mom!), two surgeries, and lots of general misery. But since then it’s been smooth sailing. He doesn’t take ill as often as some kids, and [...]

Proof That God Doesn’t Exist

The little man and I are ill. Again. Last schoolyear we picked up all kinds of crud from his classmates, but at some point we seemed to build up an immunity. His summer school program, however, has thrown some new kids into the mix. Different kids = new and complex germ factories. The lad [...]

Hurting The One We Love, A Cautionary Tale

Today the husband noticed how nasty dirrrty my keyboard had gotten. Once upon a time, back when my first home PC was still a glorious thing to be revered, I maintained a strict “no-eating over the keyboard” rule. It served me well, for a time. But times changed. As my dependence on/addiction to said [...]

A Gigantic Nuclear Furnace

Good things have always come out of Seattle, but this time it’s personal. First it was the bequeathment of fine footwear by Receptionista, to me. More recently an awesome mix CD arrived in the mail from the stellar Starbody. I popped it in several times over the weekend but I finally listened to it [...]

It’s Silly And Intelligent

I’ve just come across the best new boy band (via I give you Harry and the Potters. And to carry on with this weekend’s TMBG theme, my fave quote from an interview with them:
If I can be somebody’s They Might Be Giants, that would be the highest compliment someone could give me.
Unfortunately [...]

Two Turntables And A Kaffiyeh

Some randomness for this fine Friday morning. In the spirit of the fifty pound rice bags, the husband has continued his supersizing efforts. I came home yesterday to find a five pound tub of peanut butter in our fridge (the hippie co-op kind has to be refrigerated, in case you’re wondering). The little man [...]