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Monthly Archives: April 2003

Double The Fun

Things are coming in twos this weekend. Two movies (”Cowboy Bebop” and “Someone Like Hodder“). Eating food from two Chinese restaurants, over two days. And eating at two restaurants in one day (should probably cook something myself today). Hanging out with two Daves. Watching the two disc extended edition of “The Fellowship of the [...]

Take The Red Pill

I am trying. So hard. Not to. Read the. Spoilers. Yesterday I was poking around MeFi and noticed a Matrix thread. Which linked to a Wired article. I skipped the comments and clicked through to the story. After skimming it a bit I realized they were giving away a little too much. That I [...]

The Adventures Of Cookie Mouse And Friends

Oh my beautiful, fickle child. According to the forecast, “a fantastic stretch of weather is shaping up, and oddly enough, it should last right into the weekend”. So naturally the little man would choose this warm weather day to wear a winter hat. That I bought him over two years ago. That, prior to [...]

We Still Need Joy And Delight

Bad news. Not the worst news, granted…there’s plenty of that to go around. But still. Very bad. Tom Hanks is seeking to remake the classic “Ikiru“. Akira Kurosawa must be spinning in his grave. Also heard some odd news. Sleater-Kinney is touring with Pearl Jam. Arena rock riot grrrls. Could be worse. And finally, [...]

Rancho Relaxo

Needed a double mocha this morning to make me feel human again. Not quite as strong as trucker speed, but close. I’ve been dropping about $150/week at the co-op, and have still failed to replenish my personal coffee supply. Go figure. But even with the caffeine in my bloodstream, I’m still feeling the wear [...]

Bodies, Rest And Motion

The visit to the Children’s Museum was a success after all…in spite of J mocking me, for taking too many photos. And despite the disorientation I experience there…with dozens of little voices shouting “MOM!” with great frequency. Some maternal instinct filters them out, unless they are clearly identified as the cries of my own [...]

Cloudy, Windy And Raw

Having an exceptionally sleepy and spacey day. Listening to Low isn’t likely to help this. Except, perhaps, for the slightly rocking track “Just Like Christmas“. But hearing the sleigh bells just reminds me I’m cold and tired. The gloominess outside seems to have seeped into the office, so it is chillier than usual in [...]

Fight The Good Fight

Thurston Moore and the Sonic Youth webmaster, Chris Habib, have just launched an interesting project (found via Pitchfork). The short of it: ‘[Protest Records] exists for musicians, poets and artists to express LOVE + LIBERTY in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war.’ The long of it: ‘most people understand the sentiment [...]

Are You A Lion Or A Lamb?

Yeah, I know. I’ve been slacking. Hadn’t posted yet this month, because I’d been wanting to roll out my redesign in April. Whoops. April 1st came too quickly. And brought with it some amusing April’s Fools Day jokes…most notably,’s George Foreman USB iGrill. As well as an interesting looking “War is for Fools” [...]