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Monthly Archives: June 2002

When I Was Cruel

Wound up going to the Elvis Costello show last night, though I mostly wish I hadn’t. Yes, I’ve always wanted to see him live. And he is an amazing performer. But I was far too exhausted to properly enjoy it. And the absolutely dreadful opening act soured the evening for me anyhow. And my [...]

Lost And Found / Revisited

MIA :: The lawn hog, still a no-show. My passcard for the office (hopefully still in the purse I was using last night). Fashionable attire for this evening’s show. Yes, I am wearing beat-up old overalls. No, I do not want to drive all the way home to change when I work just blocks away [...]

Tear Your Own Head Off

Feels as though I smoked a full carton of cigarettes last night. Perhaps I did. Well, the equivalent in second hand smoke anyhow. Made sure to shower and shampoo out that bar smell before going to bed last night. So now, while my co-workers are nursing their hangovers, I’m nursing my already raw throat. [...]

Fine Line

Weird. Soon I will be heading out to a party put on by my employers. The first such in quite some time. They’ve rented out one of the nicer warehouse district venues. One I haven’t been to in ages. Since I last saw Combustible Edison, in fact. So you know it’s been a while. [...]

Pajama Jammy Jams

The weather here in the upper midwest is nearly as unpredictable as my moods. And that’s saying a lot. After a mild winter followed by a long, cold spring we were treated to a week-long (or so) hot spell. I opened up the house (but sort of skipped the spring cleaning) had all the [...]

Godzilla In The Mist

Took this photo a little while back, but the conditions are much the same today. Though with a bit more rain and less fog. And Godzilla has returned to his usual stomping grounds.

Toyleg And Qi Or Ni

It was a quiet weekend, for the most part. Was still feeling a little cruddy due to allergies. And overeating edamame. Here’s the breakdown.Friday :: I’ve managed to visit Home Depot the past two Friday nights, and will likely be there this Friday too. Home ownership = home repairs and improvements. That’s ok. I’m [...]

Pretty weeds Wildflowers In My Backyard

Poked around online a bit and found out that those random blooms in my backyard are actually attached to flowers, not weeds. This four-petaled member of the mustard family is called Dames Rocket. Who woulda thunkit.