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Monthly Archives: June 2004

You Got No Concept Of Time!

Mistress of the obvious here with a non-news flash…the weekend flew by way too fast. Faster than usual, all right? We experienced an extraordinary congruence of favorable conditions. The skies were clear, no one in the household was ill, the husband actually mowed the lawn, and we weren’t overscheduled. In fact, we’d made no [...]

Tell Me, “future Boy”, Who Is President In The United States In 1985?

While I generally try to live by the golden rule, and wish others no ill, I can’t help but be amused by Morrissey’s remarks. I imagine many of my compatriots feel differently, as the nation goes into flag-waving (or lowering) mode. The man was old, and he was ill, and death is a part [...]

A Certain Ration For Heart & Soul

At the bus stop yesterday a middle-aged man made an uncommon request. He approached me to ask if he could touch my hair. After talking with him for a while I consented. He’d produced his business card…from a local, reputable salon. I’ll admit…I succumb easily to flattery, as long as it seems sincere and [...]

Baby Steps

So. The nerves are a little shot. I am excited. And scared. Elated, yet anxious. Conditions are ripe for cautious optimism. Earlier today I met with a new ob/gyn. The one who delivered the little man moved out of state, and the one I saw with the last pregnancy…well, she was a nice enough [...]

A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief

Chuck beat me to the punch. Congratulations to our neighbors to the north on their new bundle of joy, and I look forward to their other impending arrival…the soon-to-be released box set. Peanut Butter Toast and American Bandstand is among my all-time favorite Low songs (the husband obtained a number of these rarities some time [...]

Numbers And Mumbles

Our first schoolyear in the public school system officially ended today. But it ain’t over yet. Tomorrow morning the little man’s teacher, a therapist, and some other specialist are making a group housecall (which is slightly intimidating), to go over his Individual Education Plan. I have a general idea of what they’ll be saying. [...]

God Hates Picnics And Infinity Kicks Futons

Still haven’t recovered from the weekend of non-stop action. In the middle of the night an over-tired little man came screaming and stumbling into my room, letting one of the cats in with him. The room is supposed to be a cat-free zone, because of the husband’s allergies. But I had a dilemma. I [...]

Conscience Is What Hurts When Everything Else Feels So Good

Sorry for the silence. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend (it was a wonderful whirlwind, but we’re all a tad tired). Photos at 11.

Songs To Learn & Sing

Yesterday was…atypical. Called in sick to work. Not because of the gorgeous weather, but because I am still sick, after biding my time for weeks, hoping for a spontaneous and miraculous recovery. Much of my day off was spent waiting (with Waiting Room stuck in my head…I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait). Excitedly [...]

Back In Black

Over the Memorial Day Weekend I managed to incur the husband’s wrath (generally a rare occurrence). For many months I’d let my hair grow out, unmolested, for two reasons: a) we’re pretty broke and b) so that I could do something fun with it when the time came. I decided that time was now, [...]