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Isolation In Perpetuity

Last weekend was yet another pandemic holiday weekend. For us, that mostly meant staying home, as usual. Saturday morning I did make a ridiculous number of homemade vegan donuts but it was really just like any other weekend. Aside from seeing more articles like this one:

Labor Day is the end of summer. But COVID-19 meant we didn’t really have one this year.
This year, everyone’s summer vacations essentially got cancelled and we limped from disaster to disaster. It was exhausting.

And this one:

The American Death Cult
A significant percentage of conservative culture in America defines “freedom” as death. This is causing a lot more problems right now than even its usual horrible effects.

And all the information about the spread of the virus from the large gathering in Sturgis last month. Facepalm. I tried to turn away from the doom scrolling and focus instead on more uplifting things. Or topics that are more productive, at least. Like pricing out refrigerator replacements for the strangely narrow and shallow spot in our kitchen.

Things that do bring me joy:

  • In just two days I binge listened to all episodes of the Dolly Parton’s America podcast. I highly recommend it.
  • A friend has been growing a pilea cutting for me and let me know that it is ready for retrieval. Hopefully, I can keep it alive. My houseplant collection is limping along. Some are thriving while others are looking a little sad but I’m looking into ways to perk them up.
  • Today was the big day for the release of the Denis Villeneuve Dune trailer. I think I’m into it. The casting is top notch, for sure.
  • One of my all-time favorite authors is Ursula K. LeGuin. And her amazing home is on the market (though it is in the Bay Area, a place I would not want to be right now even if I could afford it). Scrolling through the photos I realized it was exactly my sort of dream house.
  • I don’t usually do celebrity news but I had no idea that Lily Allen and David Harbour were a couple and I find their Las Vegas wedding to be utterly charming.
  • Saturdays in September are for benefit concerts for Beirut. I’ve got a ticket for this coming Saturday, with special guest, fellow Lebanese-American, Tony Shalhoub.

How is it September already? Somehow my son turns 21 next week. And I start teaching Fall semester remotely, two nights a week, after my day job. Everyone’s pandemic experience is different but mine has been extremely socially distant while also extremely online.

A kitten named Crumpet

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