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More of a Mood Than a Story

I intend to come here more regularly to capture some thoughts. But I don’t have anything cohesive to say, hence the post title. A friend who lives in hurricane country referred to “The Relentless Layering of Challenges” recently, and that was even before Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. It is all so overwhelming. I face fewer challenges than many but still feel like I’m trying to doggie paddle my way along to keep from drowning. We’re nearing 200,000 dead in the US from COVID-19, the West Coast has been ablaze, we’re all anxious about the election and what might happen afterward. And I have some weird family stuff going on to boot. Last week I used PTO for a much-needed break. But I used the time off from my day job to get ready for my PT job, catch up on household tasks, bills and tax junk, and to take on my first photography client of 2020. Prepping for Fall semester was helpful, though. Classes started up last week. I’ll be teaching every Tuesday and Thursday night through December, after my day job. I am grateful to be (over)employed but it is a lot.

Five good moody things:

It’s going to be full-on Fall soon. Technically, the autumn equinox starts tomorrow. But sweater weather kicked in a bit ago and the Fall colors are popping. It’s the best time of the year! Tied with those perfect June days when the humidity is low. But now? Now it is time to bust out the Halloween decorations. Even if our annual pumpkin carving party may be happening via Zoom this year.

Fall colors are starting to pop

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